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  • Case Study for Healthcare

    Case Study for Healthcare

    Added December 2016

    By choosing Identiv as a partner, a global industrial identification company was able to develop a solution for hospitals to track the parameters of maintaining live-saving tools.

  • City of Westfield, Indiana

    City of Westfield, Indiana

    Added October 2016

    By choosing Identiv’s Hirsch PACS, the City of Westfield, Indiana (voted one of the "Happiest Cities in the U.S.") continues to grow exponentially year after year, all the while maintaining the safety of its residents and visitors.

  • Case Study for Logistics and Transport

    Case Study for Logistics and Transport

    Added September 2016

    A leading India logistics company with more than 4,000 vehicles chose Identiv's uTrust 3700 F Contactless Smart Card Reader to help protect the annual transport of over 200 million metric tons of goods.
  • Case Study for Airport

    Case Study for Airport

    Added July 2016

    One of the world’s leading air cargo terminals chose Identiv for the complete replacement of its entire cargo terminal security infrastructure, providing airline customers safety and reliability through integrated access control.

  • Case Study for Healthcare

    Case Study for Healthcare

    Added May 2016

    Working together, an assistive technology company and Identiv are aiming to save lives and keep patients safe, one prescription at a time.
  • Case Study for Leisure

    Case Study for Leisure

    Added March 2016

    With Identiv’s RFID smart paper tickets for access control, a vibrant island resort can safely and securely continue to welcome more and more travelers every year.

  • Case Study for Sports Stadium

    Case Study for Sports Stadium

    Added March 2016

    By upgrading to Identiv’s Hirsch Velocity security management system and MX Controllers, the sports stadium will be able to achieve its goal of integrated security and access control.

  • Case Study for Education

    Case Study for Education

    Added March 2016

    Identiv is providing a budget friendly solution for migration and a college is graduating to integrated security and access control, keeping its students and staff safe and sound.



    Added February 2016

    A picture is worth a thousand words, buy a video is worth a thousand pictures. Using Identiv’s uTrust TS Network Readers, an innovative Israel-based tech company creates instant social engagement in the IoT.
  • HealthID Profile Inc.

    HealthID Profile Inc.

    Added February 2015

    What if patients were empowered to take more control over their healthcare? Identiv makes that possible in today's connected world with custom NFC chips, like those used in HealthID's personal health management wristbands and cards.

  • SteadyServ Technologies

    SteadyServ Technologies

    Added May 2014

    Identiv ensures trust in all things, even everyday items like your favorite keg of beer. Learn more about Identiv’s trust solution for SteadyServ® Technologies' iKeg™ NFC Tag.

  • Chandler-Gilbert Community College

    Chandler-Gilbert Community College

    Added May 2014

    Failure is not an option at Chandler-Gilbert Community College. Using one card for converged physical and information access, Identiv’s trust solution keeps students and staff safe and secure.

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