Case Study for Cooler Toys

Winning the race to bring RFID to one of the world’s top toy brands.


End User A major toy manufacturer
Project Type Radio frequency identification (RFID) toys
Location U.S.A.
Scope Creating an RFID wet inlay tag that is able to fit a various selection of small toys created by one of the world’s top toy brands
Identiv Solution RFID Wet Inlay

Business Situation

One of the largest, American-based global toy manufacturers was in a race against the clock to celebrate a huge company milestone by equipping its incredibly popular small toys with RFID technology paired with a mobile-based electronic game.

Technical Situation

After a competitor fell short in delivering the innovative technology necessary, the toy manufacturer knew it had to act quickly and connect with an innovative company that specialized in researching, designing, and manufacturing a customizable portfolio of transponder solutions that could fit its specific requirements and turn the project around at lightning speeds.


Requiring the right product, and racing to complete the project in time for a major company milestone, the toy manufacturer chose to work with Identiv in order to design and manufacture a custom RFID wet inlay tag. Identiv’s RFID inlay portfolio offers up multiple designs integrating various materials, chip technologies, and frequencies for metal and non-metal environments. The production of Identiv’s inlays involves using advanced flip-chip technology and state-of-the-art, high-volume die-bonding processes with integrated inline quality and process control to guarantee superior quality performance.


Identiv’s portfolio of 13.56 MHz RFID inlays (high-frequency and ultra high-frequency) are completely customizable, are available dry or wet, and come in various shapes and sizes. Dry (chip + antenna + epoxy glue + [PET] film) or wet (adhesive backing) inlays can be directly embedded into third-party products or converted into finished products. Applications that could benefit include the Internet of Things (IoT), near field communication (NFC) smart posters and billboards, libraries, event and transportation ticketing, automotive and chemical industries, logistics and supply chain, asset management, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, device authentication and counterfeit protection, event management, wearable technology, customer loyalty programs, electronic games, and toys.

By choosing to work with Identiv, the major toy manufacturer was able to get a customized RFID wet inlay tag that fit a vast selection of variously sized toys at the rapid speed necessary to celebrate a huge company milestone.