Case Study for Education

Graduating to integrated security and access control.


End User College
Project Type College campus with three sections, 1,500 employees, and approximately 16,000 students
Location USA
Property A main campus, two extended campuses, three education centers, and multiple satellite locations throughout the district
Scope Security and access control for 2,000+ doors
Replacement Keyscan (currently, approximately 600 doors)
Identiv Solution(s) Identiv’s Hirsch Velocity Software and Hirsch Mx Controllers

Business Situation

A United States-based college was looking to replace an older Keyscan system and secure its campuses with an integrated enterprise solution. The college chose six manufacturers to present and demo a solution before their board and from that, Identiv was chosen over numerous bidding competitors.

Technical Situation

Upgrading from legacy technology, the college required a seamless transition without major technical disruption. With the latest Hirsch Velocity security management software and Hirsch Mx Controllers, Identiv was able to offer a solution that ties into the college’s existing infrastructure without a major disruption that might leave the college campuses vulnerable.


Identiv proposed that the college deploy Identiv’s Hirsch Velocity security management system utilizing Hirsch Mx Controllers to allow flexibility and scalability of deployment.

Velocity is an integrated software platform that manages access control and security operations in hundreds of different facilities, from single high-secure rooms to multi-building, multi-location campuses. The security management system allows IT, security, and facility management to control doors, gates, turnstiles, elevators, and other building equipment, monitor users as they move around a facility, prevent unwanted access, maintain compliance, and provide a robust audit trail.

The modular design and the scalable architecture of Mx Controllers enable an installation to start small and grow large, from a single controller system to a larger, multi-site enterprise. Mx Controllers integrate seamlessly with all of Identiv’s physical access control system (PACS) products, including Velocity. With the Mx Controller at its core, Identiv’s system provides a high-integrity, enterprise-class access control and security management solution.


By choosing Identiv, the college will be deploying Hirsch Velocity with Mx Controllers, enterprise-level access management with the ability to expand to over 2,000+ doors — the system is built to grow as the college continues to expand. Additionally, with Identiv, the college will not need to worry about paying continual licensing and annual fees, which would typically slow security system growth. Identiv is providing a budget friendly solution for migration and the college is graduating to integrated security and access control, keeping its students and staff safe and sound.