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Life-saving, crack-detecting RFID.

DNP Case Study

Identiv's UHF RFID Inlay Is the Crucial Component in DNP's Infrastructure-Monitoring System

In Japan, the majority of tunnels and bridges were built during the high economic growth period of the 1960s, meaning they are quickly becoming too old for continued use. As a result, there is an increase in accidents due to decrepit concrete, which is a huge, dangerous problem. In direct response, DNP partnered with Identiv and developed an infrastructure-monitoring RFID tag (i.e., inlay) that can detect structural cracks, leveraging a powerful UHF chip equipped with tamper detection capability. Want to learn more? Fill out the form and get the free case study today.

“We chose to work with Identiv because of the team’s expert engineering and flexibility. The company is highly skilled in the Internet of Things market and provided us with the right tools to make our system a reality. Working together, we can contribute greatly to Japanese society.”

- Sakae Hikita, DNP Senior Executive Corporate Officer