HealthID Profile Inc.

Identiv secures the identity of all things.

HealthID Case Study

Next-Generation Personal Health Management in the Connected World

What if patients were empowered to take more control over their healthcare? Identiv makes that possible in today’s connected world with custom NFC chips, like those used in HealthID’s personal health management wristbands and cards. Want to learn more? Fill out the form and get the free case study today.

“Identiv is knowledgeable and committed to finding the best solution for our use case and at the most efficient price points. They understand our constraints and the fact that we were a start-up did not affect their desire to grow this relationship. Their expertise in security and vision of how it can always be enhanced is what excites us most about working with Identiv.”

- Angelo Pitassi, Jr., CEO/Founder, HealthID Profile Inc.