Case Study for Higher Learning Institution

Inspiring Students, Preparing Public Agencies for the Future, and Deploying the Most Innovative Technology


End User Higher learning institution
Project Type Video management system
Integrator/Partner UBAC Group
Location Singapore
Scope Five (5) institutes
Identiv Solution(s) 3VR VisionPoint™, heat map analytics, people counter, and dashboard

Company Profile

An innovative, technology-centric higher learning institution in Singapore trains public officers for government administration positions. The institution works closely with prestigious international organizations across the globe, including the United Nations.

Business Situation

With almost 500 learning programs and a mission to inspire public service students and prepare public agencies for the future, the higher learning institution strives to employ the most impactful, forward-looking technology.

Technical Situation

In order to provide the most successful college experience for its students, the higher learning institution wanted to adopt a video management system (VMS) with intelligent analytics to collect real-time data. This data would include the number of students in each classroom, the student inflow in the institute, and class availability. The overall goal was to track students’ flow, their strengths in each class, and their general interests. That data would then be provided back to the students themselves who could then decide which classes to attend based on their own real-time strengths and class availability.


Through its relationship with systems integrator UBAC Group — a provider of innovative solutions for planning, building, improving, and supporting existing and new IT infrastructure — the higher learning institution chose to work with Identiv for its specific VMS and analytics requirements. 3VR by Identiv’s VisionPoint™ video management software combines powerful forensic search capabilities and integrated video analytics in a single intuitive interface. 3VR by Identiv’s video intelligence solutions provide a single platform for real-time insights, including heat map analytics, a people counter, and a customized dashboard that provides the institution with the exact data that it requires.


3VR by Identiv uses video technology and data to solve the challenges associated with video searchability, allowing customers to rapidly gather real-time intelligence from the unstructured video data that is produced by a single camera or a global network of cameras. Identiv uses analytics as the cornerstone of video search, and it enables security and business intelligence applications from a single VMS. Based on Identiv’s innovative application of analytics implemented at the first institute, the college intends to replicate the same solution within all five locations.

With 3VR by Identiv, the higher learning institution gains the video and data intelligence it needs to provide a fresh, forward-thinking learning environment, ensuring the success of student’s today, the technology innovation of tomorrow, and the strengthening of the public service space for years to come.