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S+P Samson Case Study

Identiv’s UHF RFID Inlay Helps Hospitals Monitor Life-Saving Medical Instruments

Every day, in every hospital, thousands of medical instruments have to be sterilized. Identifying these tools by radio frequency identification (RFID) makes it easier for hospitals to keep track of the number of sterilization cycles and to accurately monitor instrument lifetime. The storage location, correct maintenance, age, and many other parameters of hospital instruments and devices can now be monitored easily and automatically. S+P Samson searched out the right company to connect with to engineer the necessary ultra high frequency (UHF) inlay that can withstand cleaning, disinfection, or hot steam treatments and continue to track all life-saving tool maintenance parameters that hospitals require. Want to learn more? Fill out the form and get the free case study today.

We chose to work with Identiv because of the team’s expert engineering and flexibility. The company is highly skilled in the Internet of Things market and provided us with the right tools to make our product a reality. Working together, we are protecting patients in an ever-evolving world.

- Michael Boisson, Head of Product Development, S+P Samson GmbH