NFC: Beyond Access Control

The Security Industry Association (SIA), in partnership with Security Systems News (SSN), presented the Security Technology Webcast Series – NFC: Beyond Access Control for registered attendees on July 11, 2013. Today, SIA is making the archived webcast available to the public for free viewing.

You can now view the webcast online!

This installment of the emerging technology webcast series focuses on applications of Near Field Communications (NFC): What is it? How is it used inside and outside of security? And, how may it be used for security applications outside of access control down the road?

NFC is one of the latest technologies to influence physical security. More than 300 million NFC-enabled mobile devices are projected to sell in 2013 alone. NFC has already been deployed in some well-publicized pilot programs in the physical security space where smart phones have been used for access control including on college campuses, in hotels and apartment complexes.

In the webcast, speakers answered questions about the potential of NFC technology, including:

  • How is NFC currently impacting business as a security and non-security solution?
  • What processes should an end user and integrator follow when deploying a NFC?
  • What is next for NFC as a technology?

View the webcast now for free!