Network World and SteadyServ Co-Founder Steve Kremer Rave about Identiv MIFARE Ultralight RFID Inlay

By Ann Bednarz, Network World

Steve Kremer, SteadyServ Technologies Co-Founder and Director of User Experience, was featured in Network World’s “Fave Raves: 33 tech pros share their favorite IT products”, highlighting Identiv MIFARE ultralight RFID inlay:

 “SteadyServ is reinventing the draft beer inventory process. Our goal is to make sure bars and restaurants never run out of draft beer. We needed a partner who could help us invent an inventory tagging system to store the beer name, brewer, born on date, and other info in an RFID tag attached to a keg. Identiv was that partner. It has the needed short range write/read capability that was needed for our application. It also has the memory we need for the data we have to store. It can be embedded into a paper/poly ‘airline luggage’ label that can be printed for each keg.”

Check out the full slideshow here.