Identiv Announces New APL Listings and FICAM Opportunities

We’re excited to announce that the General Services Administration (GSA) lab — as part of the Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM) Testing Program — recently evaluated and passed our Physical Access Control System (PACS) solution, which is now included on its Approved Products List (APL). Please click here and see items 19 through 24 of the Integrated PACS/Validation/Reader Topology (13.01).

The solution pairs Identiv’s Hirsch Velocity 3.5 Security Management System and the MX Controller to provide HSPD-12 end-to-end compliance. This represents the first in a series of Identiv’s planned investments in the FICAM arena, consolidating our commitment to the US Federal Government, high-security access control, and robust cryptography utilization in everything we do within Identiv’s Hirsch line of products.

The FICAM Testing Program (formerly the FIPS 201 EP) provides a comprehensive evaluation capability to support the selection and procurement of qualified products and services for the implementation of a federated and interoperable FICAM segment architecture. GSA is responsible for both the FICAM initiative and the tools and programs related to the federal acquisition process. These responsibilities uniquely position GSA to provide testing services related to acquiring products and services for FICAM implementation. Please click here for more information.