Government Premises Trust: Looking Towards the Future with FICAM

By Mark Allen

This week, we announced the inclusion of Identiv’s Physical Access Control System (PACS) solution on the Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM) Testing Program’s Approved Products List (APL). But why is earning a spot on FICAM’s APL so important?

Each approved product on the APL undergoes rigorous testing for security, conformance, functionality, and interoperability; and by being listed, it means the product has been approved for procurement by U.S. federal agencies.


Our particular approved solution, pairing Identiv’s Velocity 3.5 Security Management System with the MX Controller to provide HSPD-12 end-to-end compliance (items 19 – 24 on the APL), represents the first in a series of our planned investments in the FICAM arena. It also solidifies our commitment to the U.S. federal government, high-security access control, and robust cryptography utilization within all of Identiv’s physical access products.

Premises access is moving away from insecure legacy technologies and towards strong authentication technologies, such as PKI at the door, that can also authenticate users to information systems – in other words, converged access. Identiv is leading this transition with innovative solutions, like our cloud-based idOnDemand-managed service that dramatically simplifies certificate-based credential issuance, deployment, and management.

The need for a single trusted identity for premises is growing, and so is our own need to deliver solutions for global governments and corporations. Achieving FICAM compliance paves the way towards the future: it allows Identiv to deliver our identity technology to the U.S. government and help U.S. federal agencies ensure trust in the ever-expanding connected world.


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