Identiv: Life in the Post-Password Era


Follow a day in Ida’s life as she discovers the truth — that passwords are well beyond their use-by date and we are entering the “Post-Password Era”.

Like Ida, we cannot continue to accept the growing number of security breaches and the corresponding business impact. The only rational answer is to move to a universal, standards-based system involving more than a password. Multi-factor authentication significantly strengthens the authentication process because it aims to remove the password and thereby eliminates many pervasive methods attackers commonly and successfully execute.

The foundation of Identiv’s trust solutions is a single universal identity credential that can be used to trust or securely access any resource — premises, information, or even everyday items. Cloud-based Identiv Trust Services (ITS) provides a secure web portal to issue, manage, or revoke credentials, without the complexity and cost of internal deployments.

ITS consists of Identiv’s Identity as a Service and Trusted Authentication solutions.