Identiv Labs Accelerates Customer Products into the Internet of Things Market

FREMONT, Calif., January 22, 2015 — Identiv, Inc. (NASDAQ: INVE), a global security technology company that provides trusted identity solutions for premises, information, and everyday items, today announced the launch of Identiv Labs. The goal of Identiv Labs is to partner with customers from Fortune 500 companies to startups to accelerate their products into the connected world of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Identiv technology is currently used in millions of customer products globally, ranging from medical devices to batteries, toys, and consumer goods. Identiv Labs enables customers to rapidly introduce new products by providing a complete service, including design, prototyping, and manufacturing. Embedding Identiv technology allows customers to reduce their time to market with a proven, secure solution.

“Identiv Labs is our idea incubator. It serves as an in-design platform for customers to quickly partner with Identiv experts and cost effectively innovate new or improve upon existing products in a rapid turnkey process. When an organization seeks to improve its product offering through mobility, enhance its experience with trusted Internet connectivity, or safeguard user and product identity, Identiv Labs can make it a reality,” said Jason Hart, Identiv CEO.

Identiv Labs is a design hub, supporting next generation products built on the foundation of identity, security, connectivity, and mobility. The team consists of experts in all areas, from microchip design to embedded manufacturing, mobility, and cloud services. Modern product development processes are complex, requiring specific expertise in multiple areas, including RFID, NFC, Bluetooth low energy, antenna design, power harvesting, mass production, manufacturing, certification from FCC to EMV, silicon and custom ASIC solutions, mobile device software, cloud services, and secure integration of data to external systems. When connected to the IoT, products must be implemented with a high level of information security and privacy combined with a deep knowledge of identity management, certified data transmission, and storage.

Product owners are invited to engage with the Identiv Labs team to partner on new innovations or existing products. Identiv Labs will provide an advisory team to bring new ideas for the connected world to life.

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Identiv is a global security technology company that establishes trust in the connected world, including premises, information, and everyday items. CIOs, CSOs and product departments rely upon Identiv’s trust solutions to reduce risk, achieve compliance, and protect brand identity. Identiv’s trust solutions are implemented using standards-driven products and technology, such as digital certificates, trusted authentication, mobility, and cloud services. For more information, visit

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