Embedded M2M Solutions Highlights Identiv Labs

By Steve Anderson

Embedded M2M Solutions reported on Identiv Labs in its latest article, “The Internet of Things Market Gets a Big Push from Identiv Labs”. Take a look at the complete story:

It would be easy to think that the products for the Internet of Things (IoT) market just kind of get to stores in a fashion that’s half Bill Gates (News – Alert) and half Santa Claus, but there’s actually quite a bit of market that needs some help making its appearance on our shelves. One company, Identiv—already known in the field for providing trusted identity solutions—is working to help get the IoT products of the day into our waiting hands. To that end, it’s established Identiv Labs, an organization that will focus on smoothing the way from creation to market.

Identiv Labs, at last report, will be working with a variety of companies ranging from the smallest of startups all the way up to the biggest names in Fortune 500 company, in a bid to help get developed products into the IoT world. Since Identiv’s technology is currently found in an array of consumer devices, ranging from toys to medical devices and just about anything in between, it has a great perspective on the market as a whole as it’s been a large part of the market as a whole. With Identiv Labs, meanwhile, customers will get access to complete services, start-to-finish, or any steps in between.

Identiv Labs is set to offer up not only design services, but also prototyping and even manufacturing, allowing companies to go from idea to shelf-ready in one place. Plus, users can bring in Identiv technology as part of the process, helping to ensure that the designs that come out of the system will have the kind of security necessary to really have an impact on the system. Identiv Labs offers a degree in expertise in several portions of the IoT concept, ranging from antenna design to Bluetooth Low Energy systems and beyond.

Identiv’s CEO, Jason Hart, offered up some comment around the new division’s construction, saying “Identiv Labs is our idea incubator. It serves as an in-design platform for customers to quickly partner with Identiv experts and cost effectively innovate new or improve upon existing products in a rapid turnkey process. When an organization seeks to improve its product offering through mobility, enhance its experience with trusted Internet connectivity, or safeguard user and product identity, Identiv Labs can make it a reality.”

This actually works well for all involved. Not only do those with an idea for a new IoT device have the possibility to bring that device to market, and much more rapidly than normal, but Identiv Labs gets to expose said products to Identiv technology, and potentially, open up new markets that previously weren’t on hand before because the participants in said markets didn’t even know Identiv existed. That allows Identiv to work several sides of the overall operation all at once, and potentially land some new sources of income besides, a development to be craved by most any firm in the field. That can also lend a nice halo effect to Identiv, able to describe itself as the company that secures the IoT, as evidenced from all the devices that use Identiv technology.

Only time will tell just how well Identiv’s idea actually ends up working, but one thing is quite clear; it’s an idea that has quite a bit going for it, and Identiv’s idea should ultimately pay off for itself and for those companies that join in with Identiv’s plan.

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