Prevent the Next Cyberstalker, No Matter Who Is Doing the Stalking

Top-secret Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) documents reveal that American and British intelligence agencies accessed the email and Facebook accounts of engineers and other employees of major telecom corporations and SIM card manufacturers. In an effort to secretly obtain information giving them access to millions of encryption keys, these agencies utilized the National Security Agency’s (NSA) XKeyscore program, allowing them access to private emails hosted by the corporations’ servers.


In effect, GCHQ clandestinely cyberstalked Gemalto employees, scouring their emails in an effort to find people who may have had access to the company’s core networks and key-generating systems. The intelligence agency’s goal was to find information that would aid in breaching Gemalto’s systems, making it possible to steal encryption keys. The agency hoped to intercept the files containing the keys as they were transmitted between Gemalto and its wireless network provider customers.

This is just another case proving that in today’s digital connected world, companies of all sizes need to engage best practices to protect identities and information and prevent this type of attack. Identiv’s products and solutions can help your organization do just that. Specifically, organizations can use Identiv’s uTrust Credentials to protect identities and encrypt email. With Identiv’s highly secure credentials, uTrust family of products, and idOnDemand, our cloud-based identity as a service solution, to manage the process, you don’t have to be a cybersecurity expert to safeguard your organization.