The Cisco 2015 Midyear Security Report, an Evolving Threat Landscape, and How Identiv Can Help

By Paul Brady

If you haven’t had the time to do so, take a look at the Cisco 2015 Midyear Security Report. It accurately depicts the evolving threat landscape we’re facing every day…

“Attackers are relying on rapid innovation to compromise users and systems, and dodge security defenses. The Cisco 2015 Midyear Security Report reveals how new evasion techniques, based on agility, speed, adaptation, and even destruction, are on the rise. Understand the latest threat intelligence and recommendations for moving to more integrated threat defenses.”
– Cisco 2015 Midyear Security Report

Download the Cisco 2015 Midyear Security Report

How Can Identiv Help?
It is clear that the threats are mounting daily. But the important question to ask is: what can be done right here, right now, to protect users and their systems? Identiv has a few answers.

  • uTrust SmartID Credentials, available in convenient form factors like USB keys and smart cards, can protect access and data. The credentials are designed for information security, such as desktop login, digital signatures, email security, and secure remote access.

  • By setting policies on remote servers to require a smart card (like a uTrust Credential) to login, an attacker’s machine cannot capture the credentials used to login to the remote machine.

  • What if ransomware DOES infect a user’s machine? A solid backup strategy and encryption like BitLocker plus Identiv’s uTrust SmartID Credential is an equation for the user’s identity security and the hacker’s tough luck.

  • uTrust SmartID Credentials offer Outlook and other email clients protection. For example, attackers would not be able to sniff out an encrypted email nor could they change the content of an email that was digitally signed.

  • Two-factor authentication to Active Directory Federation Services removes the easily hacked password and ensures that users must authenticate with smart cards (like uTrust Credentials) to gain access to important services such as SalesForce, SAP, and more. If malware tries to grab a password, it will fail.

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Find out more about uTrust SmartID Credentials, available immediately through Identiv Global Partners and for OEM partners through the uTrust Technology Partnership Program.