The Identity of Objects: Identiv Kicks It into High Gear with Wearable Sensors

By Peter Cattaneo

The wearable sensors market is gaining momentum with constantly evolving and compelling use cases — from devices that monitor health and fitness in real time to technology that helps brands prevent counterfeiting and provide product authenticity. At Identiv, we are excited to be entering into the rapidly expanding wearable sensors universe in the Internet of Things (IoT) by securing a number of new accounts in the consumer goods industry.


Identiv has traditionally helped customers establish identity for people to securely access a building or information. However, we are now enabling global leaders in athletic wear and fitness, technology organizations, and healthcare management to embed identity and sensors into objects as well. By integrating tags and sensors into their products, customers can allow their objects to securely communicate with other objects, protect their brand, and enhance user experience. The need for these sensors is growing exponentially.

In fact, shipments of sensors are climbing more quickly than the market for the wearable devices themselves — often, multiple sensors are integrated into one wearable. The worldwide market for sensors in wearables will expand to 466 million units in 2019, up from 67 million in 2013, according to IHS Technology.

There are so many market segments investing to take advantage of the benefits of IoT — consumer, industrial, infrastructure, medical, and more. Specifically through its innovative research and in-design hub, Identiv Labs, Identiv has the design and manufacturing capabilities to fuel IoT growth with smart and secure devices.