Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association Highlights Upcoming Presentation by Adam Sharp, Business Development Director, Identiv, EMEA

By Staff

Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA) posted the following article, “Using the Cloud to keep Fish fresh from Norway to New York”, highlighting an upcoming presentation by Adam Sharp, Business Development Director, Identiv, EMEA:

18th November 2015 14:40
Adam Sharp, AIPIA Room III

Identiv is presenting how one of its customers is using their cloud based tracking, monitoring and reporting platform in combination with the Identiv state of the art NFC uTrust Sense Temperature Tag, for recording and collection of temperature data within the chilled food supply chain.

Adam Sharp, Business Development Director, Identiv, EMEA
Adam has worked in the RFID & NFC arena for 15 years and has been an instrumental part of many global deployments throughout his career. His background covers the whole range of RFID technologies including UHF, HF, NFC and active tagging solutions and the full range of complimenting hardware and software technologies. Adam has also worked with technology leaders in the industry to support and develop solutions that are very specialized and unique to the application itself, including authenticity and consumer experience deployments along with some very unique tag and inlay designs for the Pharmaceutical market place and now the new range in Sensor Tags.

Within Identiv, Adam’s focus is to provide a wide array of solutions, focusing particularly on the customized products and services and by combining physical products and items to the digital world, thus enabling the eco system of the connected world. Identiv’s background in designing and developing unique solutions is now allowing for RFID and NFC to be used in environments and applications that were once a no go and complimenting this with the complete and secure cloud based platforms.

During his career Adam has worked for some of the global players in the RFID market place including UPM RFID, Smartrac & Tyco and has been active in Manufacturing, Retail, Pharmaceutical and logistics arenas to name a few.

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