RFID Journal Highlights the Launch of Identiv and Cisco’s Internet of Everything Access Control Solution

By Claire Swedberg

In RFID Journal’s recent “RFID News Roundup”, Claire Swedberg reports on the recently launched Identiv Connected Physical Access Manager (ICPAM) solution:

Identiv has announced the launch of its Identiv Connected Physical Access Manager (ICPAM) solution, a distributed intelligent premises access-control solution designed to provide secure access to facilities using standards-based networking.

According to Identiv, ICPAM software is tightly integrated Cisco technology, including routers, switches, Cisco Video Surveillance Manager and Cisco IP telephony. It employs standard network topology and is backwards-compatible for legacy wiring topologies and devices. ICPAM can become part of an organization’s intelligent information network, Identiv reports, allowing monitoring and information exchange between devices as an intelligent platform that grows as an organization requires it.

The ICPAM solution includes a Power-over-Ethernet (POE)-enabled local door controller, a multi-frequency RFID door reader and sensor, and management software. The ICPAM solution is available immediately through Cisco Authorized Technology Provider (ATP) partners.

“Premises solutions are evolving from proprietary bespoke systems to part of an interconnected environmental ecosystem,” said Jason Hart, Identiv’s president, in a prepared statement. “ICPAM provides a path to intelligent buildings that provide traditional access control while also providing a path towards a platform that connects and collects information from an array of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors.”

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