New Prototypes from Identiv Labs: Introducing Tamper-Detection Tags

By Stephane Ardiley

What’s new over at Identiv Labs? Over the past few months, we have been exploring several new areas in order to provide more differentiators in Identiv’s radio-frequency identification (RFID) offering, including tamper detection. Identiv’s Tamper-Detection Tags are currently in the prototype phase.

How They Work
These Tamper-Detection Tags can be used whenever you want to be notified that a tamper event has occurred, including, but not limited to, one of the following situations: detection of opening a box, container, or envelop, or detection of a seal breakage.

Each of these tags is attached with a detection loop (different from the RFID antenna itself). Once the loop is cut, the RFID chip will detect the event, flag a bit in the chip, and return the information next time the tag is read (this requires the RFID reader to be able to read the corresponding flag in the chip).

After the loop is damaged, the tag is still readable. With these inlay designs, the product will continue to respond to an RFID reader as long as the antenna is not destroyed or cut.

Typical Applications
Target markets and applications for the new Tamper-Detection Tags include, but are not limited to:

  • Healthcare/medical space, including the monitoring of consumables (i.e., ID bags, medicine, etc.)
  • Asset tracking with commodity traceability, including aviation (i.e., for catering containers, parts, or courier tracking)
  • Authentication, including brand protection, especially for wines, spirits, and cosmetics
  • Loyalty and bonus programs (i.e., bonus points after opening the product for the first time)
  • Smart packaging
  • Security and integrity seals (i.e., manipulation detection for POS/payment terminals)

A Closer Look at the Prototypes
Identiv Labs has been working on both UHF and HF-based tags:

UHF Designs 

    • Dry Inlay: 47 x 27mm (loop size)/Antenna: 40 x 15mm/PN = I00XXXU90470/G2iM+ chip
    • Dry Inlay: 88 x 25mm (loop size)/Antenna: 40 x 15 mm/PN = Not assigned/G2iM+ chip
    • Dry Inlay: 90 x 30 mm (loop size)/Antenna: 40 x 15 mm/PN = Not assigned/G2iM+ chip

HF Designs

    • Dry Inlay: 42 mm (loop)/Antenna: 25 mm (diameter)/Total: 67 x 25mm/PN = Not assigned/Silicon Craft SIC43N1F chip (Download Android application on your mobile device. Once application is installed, select the following options: Click on “Read Status” > Select the “Temper Check” tab to read if the loop on your tag has been tampered with or not.)

Find Out More
For more information, please contact your Identiv Regional Sales Manager, email, or call +1 888-809-8880.