A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words, But a Video Is Worth a Thousand Pictures: Identiv and VIDEOF.ME Join Forces

by Jack Bubany

VIDEOF.ME is an innovative Israel-based technology company offering almost instanaeous, web-based photo and video social engagement, helping personal experiences go viral in realtime. Events and sponsors using VIDEOF.ME get instantly branded animated photo slideshows and video clips of their events, and each clip can be shared on their chosen social, downloaded from a variety of supported static and mobile platforms, and sent instantly to event attendees via text message.


Technical Situation
The team at VIDEOF.ME needed a way to have event attendees wearing radio frequency identification (RFID) tags pass by a camera and quickly identify who those users are in order to easily link a specific person to a specific clip. VIDEOF.ME searched the industry for a reader that could transmit the radio RFID tag value back to their own developed web service to streamline social engagement.

Identiv’s uTrust TS Network Reader was VIDEOF.ME’s ideal solution. TS Readers have the ability to send credential information via HTTP. VIDEOF.ME can use the reader alongside a camera at any event, and as attendees pass by wearing an RFID tag, the reader grabs the tag value, which IDs the user to the web service and also to the video clip of that specific attendee.

identiv-utrust-premises-readers_bd809b1b85f15574e59fa37e0636165eIdentiv’s uTrust TS Network Readers

By choosing to work with Identiv, VIDEOF.ME now has a simple, cost-effective, easy-to-setup system that allows the capture of information on event attendees’ RFID tags without the complexity of setting up individual workstations with attached readers. Instead of a cumbersome PC connected to a USB-based reader, VIDEOF.ME simply installs a uTrust TS Network Reader at an event and connects it directly to the network and the solution is up-and-running.

Learn More
Find out more about VIDEOF.ME at videof.me. Learn more about Identiv’s uTrust TS Network Readers by clicking here or downloading the data sheet.