Authentication and Access Control on an Island of Fun

By Tom Pak

With Identiv’s RFID smart paper tickets for access control, a vibrant island resort can safely and securely continue to welcome more and more travelers every year.

End User: Resort island
Project Type: RFID smart paper tickets for attraction access control
Location: Asia
Scope: 5 million/year (400,000 – 500,000/ month) RFID paper tickets for monorail and other attractions
Identiv Solution: RFID Tickets

Business Situation
Welcoming a growing number of local and international guests every year, an Asia-based resort island has the goal to be a global destination to work, live, and play. In order to authenticate its increasing number of annual visitors, the resort destination required more than just paper tickets.

Technical Situation
The leisure resort needed a radio frequency identification (RFID) smart paper ticket solution, the ideal form factor for authentication and access control in attractions based on user convenience and ease-of-use in high-volume applications. The resort needed to be able to quickly identify and authenticate visitors via tickets that were inexpensive, easy to store, difficult to duplicate, and were completely customizable.

For the fourth year in a row, the resort chose Identiv’s RFID Tickets for the resort’s access control needs in authenticating visitors for monorail use and other attractions. Identiv’s RFID Tickets are smart fanfold paper tickets featuring RFID Picopass chips.

Identiv’s durable tickets with RFID inlays are available in production volumes with convenient order limits, perfect for the resort’s volume and value needs. Identiv’s RFID Tickets are simple for the resort to store and use, as the fanfold tickets are packaged in a compact box that facilitates hassle-free storage and ease of release for both machines and operators. Leveraging the quality and performance of Identiv’s RFID inlays, over 30 ISO texts are performed on every ticket, guaranteeing support of the most common RFID standards. Additionally, ticket design is flexible, available with customized antenna design and dimensions, various materials including paper, thermal direct paper, and PET, and are completely printable and customizable. By choosing Identiv, the vibrant island resort can safely and securely continue to welcome more and more travelers every year.