The Goal Is Integrated Security and Access Control

By Tom Pak

By upgrading to Identiv’s Hirsch Velocity security management system and MX Controllers, a sports stadium will be able to achieve its goal of integrated security and access control.

End User:
Sports stadium
Project Type: 
Sports stadium, event complex, and parking garage
67,000 people, expanded to 72,000 for special events
1,500,000-square-foot stadium, 2,000-space parking garage
Security and access control
Estimated Electronic Security Budget for 2016: 
Access Points Secure:
Disparate Systems Being Integrated:
Identiv Solutions: 
Identiv’s Hirsch Velocity and Hirsch MX Controllers

Business Situation
A United States-based sports stadium is committed to becoming the NFL’s most secure stadium within the next five (5) years.

Technical Situation
The sports stadium had an MDI Security Access Control System and Pelco Video Surveillance System. The systems could not intercommunicate. The MDI system could not effectively be expanded to meet the growing needs of the complex and the Pelco system could not record high enough megapixel cameras to effectively view all of the public areas of the venue.

Any proposed replacement system had to be able to incorporate both the existing stadium’s facilities’ ID cards into the same system and be usable on the same reader. Additionally, the new access control system needed to be able to be segmented in such a way that individual divisions of the organization could manage their respective areas without having visibility into other areas. Lastly, the access control system needed to integrate with the proposed Avigilon High Definition Video Surveillance System.

Identiv’s Hirsch Velocity security management system was proposed utilizing Identiv’s Hirsch MX Controllers to allow flexibility and scalability of deployment. This also enabled distribution of system infrastructure for survivability, as each IDF room has its own MX panel, empowering the expansion of the system to doors adjacent to the respective IDF rooms. Velocity has a direct integration with Avigilon, a segmented database, and was able to accommodate both existing card stocks.

The Velocity to Avigilon NVR Software integration will greatly enhance the proactive response to abnormal events on site. The distributed panel configuration has greatly increased the survivability of the access control system and the MX configuration has empowered a scalable solution without having to purchase eight (8) door controllers at the commencement of the project.