RFID Journal Highlights Identiv’s New UHF Tags and TOM Media Label

By Beth Bacheldor

In RFID Journal’s recent “RFID News Roundup”, Beth Bacheldor reports “IDENTIV INTROS NEW UHF TAGS, HF LIBRARY LABELS”:

Identiv has announced a new addition to its RFID Library Labels product offerings, as well as the launch of its UHF Tags family of products for the Internet of Things market. The announcements were made at this week’s RFID Journal LIVE! event, held in Orlando, Fla.

The 13.56 MHz TOM (Tag On Metal) Media Label is suitable for addressing the need to monitor and track the growing number of electronic devices used in the library industry, the company reports, including tablets and laptops. According to Identiv, this new form factor is larger than others currently available—180 millimeters by 146 millimeters (7.1 inches by 5.75 inches—can be used worldwide due to its compatibility with existing product infrastructure (ISO 15693-compliant readers, for instance), and, due to its long read range, meets the needs of the most demanding applications.


“The library market has embarked upon a huge transformation with the integration of electronic device support,” said Stephane Ardiley, Identiv’s director of product management, in a prepared statement. “With the addition of tablets, laptops, and mobile devices to library services, Identiv’s RFID product offerings, including our new TOM Media Label, deliver superior contactless solutions for simplified inventory management and item tracking. Specifically tuned for metal environments, this label provides optimum readability when attached to electronic devices.”

Identiv’s new UHF Tags family of products for the IoT market includes a comprehensive set of ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) designs for applications requiring long-distance RFID, the company indicates. The designs are suitable for a variety of applications, including supply chain and inventory management, asset and personnel tracking, logistics, industrial and manufacturing, brand protection and anti-counterfeiting. Other target applications, says notes, include real-time location system (RTLS) technologies, gate and perimeter access control, pharmaceutical and health care, entertainment and travel and IoT enablement. The tags are designed to work in different regions around the globe, and support a frequency range of 860 to 960 MHz.

Identiv’s Tags catalog contains a series of UHF Gen 2 designs—including different dimensions and form factors, such as dry or wet inlays with adhesive backing or labels—that specifically target a variety of environments, including plastic, wood, and human or animal bodies. Samples of Identiv’s new products, including the new TOM Media Label and the UHF tags, were on display and available at the LIVE! conference.

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