a&s Magazine Reports on Identiv and Cisco’s Partnership in the IoE

By the a&s Editorial Team

a&s Magazine’s article published on May 26,  “Identiv seeks to be ubiquitous in IoE with Cisco”, reports on Identiv and Cisco’s partnership in the Internet of Everything. The article is as follows:

Identiv aims to strengthen its presence in the Internet of Everything (IoE) market with the strategic partnership with Cisco announced last year. The IoE is the intelligent connection of people, processes, data and things to the Internet, giving rise to major economic opportunities to both the private and public sectors.

Physical access control hardware technology will rapidly evolve with the concept of IoE. This includes new credential technologies along with hardware technologies for doors, readers and locks – many of them IP-capable and even wireless. Once connected to the network, physical access becomes another part of an IoE system.

Cisco and Identiv join hands with a shared idea that physical access should be just another aspect of Enterprise IoE. A key factor to note is that Identiv is determined to secure the IoE with robust standards-based identity, at a time when identity is being considered the next security perimeter.

“Cisco is very strong in the access devices everywhere and now can also offer the RFID transponders and tags that we deploy,” Steve Humphreys, CEO of Identiv said. “Identiv’s tags connect the world of physical things to the Internet, from library books to transit systems to anything, you name it. RFID transponders are very important to the infrastructure of the IoE.”

The importance of physical access in IoE will disrupt the access control industry as we know it today. Humphreys further noted, for Cisco, video integration is very important. The company has a video platform and it is important for them to have the ability to offer physical access, video, network IT etc., all together.

In an earlier separate statement, Identiv had said that it was initially delivering a next-generation, networked physical access control system (PACS) solution that interacts with other IoE elements such as Cisco Video Surveillance Manager (VSM) cameras and Cisco voice-over-IP (VOIP) telephony products.

“The big vision of both companies is that we are being ubiquitous in the Internet of Everything,” Humphreys said, adding that the partnership between the companies is reflective of the future of the IoT.

The integration of logical and physical access is another key aspect in IoE. Identiv is one of the major suppliers of smart card readers, having supplied 80 percent of card readers to the US government, which are all used for logical access. These smart card readers are integrated  to  computers and USB devices, enabling Identiv to provide a single credential from the door to the computer.

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