Ease Your Way to FICAM Compliance

By John Piccininni

You know you have to comply with FICAM directives for physical access control, and you know how difficult and expensive that can be.

If you are one of Identiv’s Hirsch access control customers, you can start down the path to FICAM compliance in easy-to-manage, easy-to-budget stages, all while leveraging the Hirsch controller infrastructure you already have in place. There is no need to  rip and replace your entire system, and there is still time to spread the cost of compliance over this and next fiscal year — or longer!


Unlike other solutions on the market today, Identiv’s Hirsch FICAM solution is based on modular components that are integral to the Hirsch architecture. There are no external interface boards to mount, power, or support; there are no new external enrollment processes for your operators to learn; and there are no extended installation times.

snib3_onWhiteThe core of our FICAM solution is our SNIB3 communications interface, preparing your existing access control panels for FICAM implementation. Simply replace the SNIB2 boards in existing Hirsch DIGI*TRAC and Mx Controllers with the SNIB3 board a simple plug-in change)  and upgrade the Velocity software and panel firmware to current versions. Your system will continue to operate as it does today, with the added benefit of enhanced encryption (256-bit AES) and communications speeds. You can stop there until ready for the next stage.

As time and budgets permit, you can change out card readers, one at a time, to Identiv’s GSA APL-approved uTrust TS Government Readers, supporting PIV and CAC credentials and certificates. To support the new reader FICAM functionality, an additional plug-in board is added to each controller. Finally, the addition of the certificate validation engine completes your journey to FICAM compliance.

No other system is as easily upgraded, and no other system can  is as cost effective and budget friendly. We suggest you consider using any year-end funds to acquire your SNIB3 communications interfaces and software upgrades now, and add the remaining components as budgets allow.

For more information, contact sales@identiv.com or download our FICAM white paper.