The Business End of the Security Business

By John Piccininni

The goal of any business is to generate profits. The way to generate or increase profits is to increase revenue inflows, and minimize and reduce costs. While these are very basic concepts, we sometimes are so focused on day-to-day projects that we lose sight of the big picture.

The annual Security Sales & Integration Operations and Opportunities Report polled nearly 300 industry executives and managers and shared their insights into the most effective ways to grow revenues, increase profits, and reduce costs. Below are their responses and ways in which Identiv can help you accomplish those goals.

When asked which product-focused technology would generate the most project-based revenues, Access Control came in second, with a 40.7% score, trailing only General CCTV/Surveillance, which topped the list with 51.6%. So, you made a good choice to be in the access control business; but now let’s drill down and see how Identiv can be the best business proposition for you as you capture profitable access control opportunities.


How Can Identiv Help Reduce Your Cost?

  • Improving the skill level of technicians weighed in as the number 1 way to reduce costs, with more responses than all of the others combined! Identiv’s Hirsch PACS solutions offer what could be the most extensive array of training courses in the industry, covering card and reader technology, full system installation, operation, and administration, and smart card and cryptography programs.Our instructor-led programs provide a hands-on experience with our access control hardware and software, while our online programs allow students to take the program anywhere they can connect to the Internet. Check out the full array of training options at the Identiv Academy.
  • Minimizing inventory was chosen by 29% of the respondents. Since Identiv’s Hirsch access system architecture is based around a single access control panel (Mx Controllers) you only need to stock a single access control panel while the plug-in firmware determines whether that panel serves 2, 4, or 8 doors. Everything is in the box — all necessary panel hardware, power supply battery, and basic and advanced access control features — with no additional reader or I/O modules to stock.Additionally, Identiv’s uTrust TS Readers read the widest array of 125 KHz proximity and 13.56 Mhz contactless smart card readers in the industry, minimizing the number of card readers you need to stock to meet customer needs. Finally, we can provide proximity and other cards, generally within 48 hours, lessening requirements for keeping proximity cards in different formats on hand.
  • Negotiating lower prices with manufacturers made the list at 18.2%. Identiv direct-to-channel-partner pricing is amongst the most competitive in the industry, even when comparing very small systems. Be sure to check that out the next time you are proposing an access control system and you might be surprised at how competitive we can be.


  • Again, our combination of online and instructor-led training can eliminate many of the impediments to cost reduction — employees can learn at their own pace, minimizing disruption on your technical staff, getting jobs done on time, and maintaining high levels of installation quality, employee morale, and customer satisfaction.


  • Once again, Identiv training programs and easy-to-install products can help increase profits, solving the number 1 profit-enhancer as reported by the respondents. Well-trained technicians will install your projects more efficiently, aligning with the margins targeted at the time of sale. Combined with Identiv’s Hirsch reputation for incredible quality and reliability — callbacks and all of their associated costs — will be minimized. With fewer problems, you’ll have happier, more motivated employees, satisfied customers to whom you can sell more, and, maybe even be in a position to demand higher prices, all of which will drive more business and higher profits.

Check out the full report in the August issue of Security Sales & Integration and see for yourself how Identiv’s Hirsch access control systems are your best overall business proposition.