Stopping Thieves in Their Tracks

By Sourav Banerjee

A leading India logistics company with more than 4,000 vehicles chose Identiv’s uTrust 3700 F Contactless Smart Card Reader to help protect the annual transport of over 200 million metric tons of goods.

Identiv Partner: A leading logistics and transport company
Project Type: Smart card readers with NFC
Location: India
Scope: More than 4,000 vehicles
Identiv Solution: uTrust 3700 F Contactless Smart Card Reader

Company Profile
A logistics and transport company based in India owns over 4,000 vehicles and handles more than 200 million metric tons of cargo annually.

Business Situation
With more than 4,000 vehicles (and drivers) covering almost 30 states and 4 union territories shutterstock_189991622throughout India, the logistics and transport company needed an affordable solution to protect the large amount of goods in transit. Additionally, the company searched for a solution that could also map the driver of each vehicle, further preventing proliferation of the transported products.

Technical Situation
The logistics company searched for a solution — it needed to connect with a company that could provide affordable contactless smart card readers with near field communication (NFC) capabilities. Vehicle and consignment details needed to be loaded on a driver’s smart card through this reader and that same data needed to be retrieved at the destination. At that point, the transported goods could be physically tallied against the available data.

To solve its proliferation problem, the logistics company chose Identiv’s uTrust 3700 F Contactless Smart Card Reader, the ideal combination of 13.56 MHz contactlesss and NFC technologies in just one device. Identiv’s PC-linked readers support end-user environments where virtually all kinds of contactless credentials are being used, even in mixed populations.

With its all-in-one concept, the uTrust 3700 F enables a smooth transition from well-established traditional technologies into emerging NFC applications, supporting new business. It represents the perfect mix between modern, stylish design and the same ergonomic operation of any credential form factor, like ID-1 cards, tokens or NFC-enabled smart phones. The Identiv driver platform, as well as the Windows® Plug-and-Play driver support, allow seamless integration into any end-user environment with very little or no administration. The uTrust 3700 F can even be used on Android- based systems.

With uTrust 3700 F, the end user experiences convenience, transaction-time efficiency, security, flexibility and full NFC capability for applications such as network log-on, secure web-based transactions and even NFC-based customer loyalty programs. The product also has been designed for secure in-field firmware upgrades and great reliability, providing a perfect return on investment.

Identiv’s uTrust 3700 F Contactless Smart Card Reader is affordable, scalable, and easy to implement. With the simple swipe of a smart card, the logistics and transport company can track goods and drivers, stop proliferation, and in turn, save money. By choosing Identiv to protect its fleet over over 4,000 trucks — and the goods transported within — the company is stopping thieves in their tracks.