Identiv Launches Cisco-Integrated ICPAM 3.0 with Support for Award-Winning, Feature-Rich Hirsch Multi-Door Controllers

FREMONT, Calif., January 23, 2017 Identiv, Inc. (NASDAQ: INVE) today announced the launch of Identiv Connected Physical Access Manager (ICPAM) 3.0, the latest update to Identiv’s management application for physical access that is tightly integrated into industry-leading Cisco technology, including Cisco Video Surveillance Manager (VSM 7.9), Cisco IP Telephony, and Cisco Instant Connect. ICPAM 3.0 includes support for Identiv’s award-winning, multi-door Hirsch Mx Controllers, bringing a wide range of features for enterprise-scale solutions encompassing large buildings, campuses, and multi-campus facilities.

ICPAM is a software platform developed to utilize Cisco’s IP networking technology to connect and manage Identiv’s physical access control system (PACS) hardware. ICPAM serves as a centralized manager application to configure controllers and readers, monitor activity, enroll users, create identification badges, and integrate with security and IT applications and data stores. The upgrades to ICPAM 3.0 allow Identiv to offer a robust, full-featured PACS solution that utilizes existing Cisco IP as its backbone.

ICPAM 3.0 integrates Identiv’s award-winning Hirsch Mx Controllers into Cisco-based solutions, including VSM 7.9 and unified communications applications. Mx delivers new features to ICPAM, including elevator control, data center rack control, two-person rule, anti-passback, I/O expansion, internal UPS systems, and government-grade alarm monitoring and encryption. Identiv’s controllers expand the capabilities of ICPAM, allowing deployments to be designed with support for edge as well as centralized architectures. Customers will benefit from the cost reductions achieved by controlling multiple doors from a single controller.

“While the platform was initially designed to support our single-door network edge controller,” said Mark Allen, Identiv General Manager, Physical Access, “Identiv’s launch of ICPAM 3.0 allows us to accommodate all system scenarios — from edge to centralized controller architectures on a single system — with the added benefit of the features and use cases for which Hirsch Mx Controllers are famous. The end result is that we can serve a wider customer base and solve more customer access problems. What’s more, cost-conscious customers are thrilled to learn that per-door pricing is cut nearly in half with the support of Mx.”

Identiv will demonstrate the ICPAM 3.0 solution and Mx Controllers at Cisco Live! Berlin on February 20 – 24, 2017 in Berlin, Germany. Schedule a demo or book a meeting with Identiv at Cisco Live here. ICPAM 3.0 and compatible Cisco products, including Cisco’s video management and communications solutions, are available now through the worldwide network of Cisco sellers and resellers. Learn more at


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