Identification Systems Group IDWire Newsletter Features Identiv’s High-Frequency and Read-Only Access Cards

By Stephane Ardiley

The April 2017 issue of the Identification Systems Group (ISG) IDWire newsletter features an Identiv new product showcase, “Meet the Next Generation of High-Frequency and Read-Only Access Cards”. Read on for the full article:

uTrust TS Cards
High-frequency 13.56 MHz Access Cardsimage

Identiv has launched its new uTrust TS Card line, delivering increased security at a much lowercost with the excellent compatibility, service, and quality standards that have made Identiv’s card offerings so popular.

Despite the security weaknesses of 125 kHz proximity card systems, adoption of more secure replacements has been hampered by the lack of alternatives that meet all of the customer requirements for such a solution — low cost, seamless support of existing systems, easy migration, simple ordering and enrollment of cards, and a high level of security certified by independent third-party organizations.

The uTrust TS Card line meets all of these requirements and delivers high-assurance identity and access card authenticity to both newly deployed and existing physical access control systems (PACS). The cards complement the current portfolio of Identiv credentials delivering convenience and data privacy for environments where the use of simple 125 KHz proximity is no longer recommended (i.e., sensitive areas of a building).

uTrust TS Cards are priced to be significantly less expensive than both proximity and smart card solutions from other vendors. Identiv is able to provide these substantial cost savings to customers by being the first to utilize the latest NXP MIFARE DESFire technologies, specifically extended to support use cases dealing with physical access control.

• Secure card platform for efficient PACS data protection
• Standards-based card solution
• Multi-technology cards that include 125 KHz proximity to interoperate seamlessly with existing readers
• Third-party, multi-application support beyond PACS (i.e., biometric data)
• Competitive pricing

For more information and to order, please visit

Read-Only 125 KHz Proximity Cards
EM4100-Compatible Contactless Cards

Based on growing demand, Identiv is also launching a new generation of Read-Only 125 KHz Proximity Cards. These contactless cards are based on proven EM4100 chip technology from EM Microelectronics. As opposed to other Identiv 125 KHz technology, this solution is not programmable and cards are delivered with a unique 40-bit string programmed by the chip manufacturer.

Read-Only 125 KHz Proximity Cards are a non-rewritable, cost-effective solution that integrates with existing reader ecosystems supporting EM4100. These credentials are not compatible with regular 125 KHz proximity cards and require specific infrastructure to support their custom protocol and frequency modulation (i.e., 64-bit Manchester Encoding). This chip solution is widely used in different applications, including access control, logistics automation, industrial applications, anti-counterfeiting, and animal tagging.

To evaluate, order a PVC card sample with part number 40-015-EM4200-001. When delivered, all cards will be laser marked with the decimal number corresponding to the number programmed in the chip.

Visit for more information on Identiv’s complete portfolio of credentials.