Identiv’s FICAM Solution Featured in Government Security News’ Homeland Security Awards 2016 Digital Yearbook

By Staff

In January 2017, we announced that our award-winning Hirsch government Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM) solution, developed to implement a simple, affordable FICAM-compliant solution simply with optimal performance, has been selected by Government Security News (GSN) as a winner in two categories of its Homeland Security Awards Program. Identiv was selected as the winner in the “Vendors of IT Security Products and Solutions” category as “Best Physical Logical Privileged Access Management Solution”.

Identiv is proud to now be included in GSN’s Homeland Security News 2016 Digital Yearbook. The full write-up on Identiv follows:

uTrust_TS_Reader_Family_with_ScramblePad (1)Federal agencies are feeling pressured to adopt government-wide Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM) compliant physical access control systems (PACS). Identiv’s Hirsch government FICAM solution offers a true end-to-end HSPD-12 solution that eliminates the need for expensive third-party credential management hardware. The net benefit is an overall solution that is more secure, faster, and less expensive to deploy and authorize access than first-generation FICAM solutions.

Identiv’s Hirsch Velocity Certificate Service is compatible with existing Velocity systems running Velocity 3.6 after application of a feature pack. All existing systems have the ability to be upgraded through software updates. Identiv’s Professional Services Group (PSG) can also provide transition planning support to upgrade existing systems. FISMA, COOP, and enterprise PACS solutions are also available.

Mx_170x170Identiv’s Secure Network Interface Board 3 (SNIB3) is an expansion component update for Hirsch Mx and DIGI*TRAC Controllers. It is a sophisticated, secure communication device that has dedicated processors to efficiently handle encryption and management operations. SNIB3 is used to manage PKI certificate data for door access as provisioned by Velocity. Using FIPS 140-2 certified encryption technology, SNIB3 serves as the communication hub from controller to Velocity using a secure TCP/IP protocol.

Identiv’s RS485 Reader Expansion Board (RREB) is a unique reader communication device that installs onto the expansion cable of Hirsch Mx and DIGI*TRAC Controllers and features eight RS-485 communication ports, capable of supporting 16 readers on eight doors. The RREB makes it possible to have extremely high data rates with up to 16 PIV smart card readers while using Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP).

Identiv’s uTrust TS Government Readers are the industry’s most flexible and secure intelligent door reader endpoints, enabling agencies to deploy a highly secure U.S. government FICAM CAK at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions. ScramblePad and static keypad models are available. The readers have RS-485 and Wiegand connections, support PoE power, and can be configured to support thousands of different card technologies. Existing uTrust TS Government Readers are flash upgradeable to enable the FICAM solution without needing to replace current readers.

In summary, Identiv’s FICAM solution is faster and less expensive. It provides customers a low-cost, simple to deploy, secure solution for FICAM compliance. The time required to upgrade existing Hirsch Velocity PACS is significantly less than competitor’s solutions, allowing federal agencies to meet rapidly approaching compliance deadlines. The time and cost to deploy new systems or transition from another system is offered at the same extreme value as other Hirsch solutions.

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