Identiv’s Access Cards Prove High Security Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

By Stephane Ardiley

The August 2017 issue of the Identification Systems Group (ISG) IDWire newsletter features an Identiv new product showcase, “Identiv’s Access Cards Prove High Security Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank”. Read on for the full article:

MIFARE Mini Cards
High-Security, Low-Cost, Highly Compatible Access Cards

Identiv’s high-security, low-cost MIFARE Mini Cards (part number 3510) are based on technology partner NXP® Semiconductors’ MIFARE Classic Card Integrated Circuit (IC). Identiv’s MIFARE Mini Cards are ideal for access card users that require the technology of MIFARE Classic Cards yet can fit their applications into 320 bytes and do not rely on a four-byte Unique Identifiers (UIDs).

The new MIFARE Mini Cards feature a genuine NXP chip, guaranteeing maximum performance and a seven-byte UID (which prevents UID duplicates in the field). Identiv’s MIFARE Mini supports secure MIFARE applications in lieu of simple UIDs for authentication. The memory organization on the MIFARE Mini is identical to what is available on MIFARE Classic 1K and 4K and is a cost-effective solution when applications require less space.

Intended for customers in the hospitality, education, and transit markets, Identiv’s MIFARE Mini is an excellent substitute for the higher cost MIFARE Classic system. The Mini is the lowest cost MIFARE card and is compatible with most existing systems. For customers using legacy magnetic stripe or low-frequency (LF) 125 kHz proximity cards, Identiv’s MIFARE Mini provides better security, is as easy to use and more durable, and is offered at a competitive price range compared to other MIFARE or MIFARE-compatible options.

Identiv’s MIFARE Mini Cards can be used in a variety of applications already supporting the MIFARE ecosystem, including public transportation, electronic toll collection, customer loyalty cards, event ticketing, car parking, and physical access control systems (PACS). Identiv is one of the few MIFARE Premium Partners and is proud to promote MIFARE technology to the market.

Key Takeaways

  • Lowest cost MIFARE solution in a credit card-sized ID1 format
  • Genuine MIFARE IC from NXP with 320 bytes and five sectors
  • Seven-byte UID provides a larger number of available Unique Identifiers (no duplicated UIDs)
  • MIFARE ecosystem access via NXP to multiple applications on one card
  • Increased security compared to magnetic stripe and LF 125 kHz proximity
  • Optional magnetic stripe and/or LF interface for easier migration to high security

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uTrust TS Cards
High-Frequency 13.56 MHz Access Cards

Identiv’s uTrust TS Card line (part numbers 5020-SDXXX and 5020-MDXXX) delivers increased increased security at a much lower cost with the excellent compatibility, service, and quality standards that have made Identiv’s card offerings so popular.

Despite the security weaknesses of 125 kHz proximity card systems, adoption of more secure replacements has been hampered by the lack of alternatives that meet all of the customer requirements for such a solution — low cost, seamless support of existing systems, easy migration, simple ordering and enrollment of cards, and a high level of security certified by independent third-party organizations.

The uTrust TS Card line meets all of these requirements and delivers high-assurance identity and access card authenticity to both newly deployed and existing PACS. The cards complement the current portfolio of Identiv credentials, delivering convenience and data privacy for environments where the use of simple 125 KHz proximity is no longer recommended (i.e., sensitive areas of a building).

uTrust TS Cards are priced to be significantly less expensive than both proximity and smart card solutions from other vendors. Identiv is able to provide these substantial cost savings to customers by being the first to utilize the latest NXP MIFARE DESFire technologies, specifically extended to support use cases dealing with physical access control.

Top Benefits

  • Secure card platform for efficient PACS data protection
  • Standards-based card solution
  • Multi-technology cards that include 125 KHz proximity to interoperate seamlessly with existing readers
  • Third-party, multi-application support beyond PACS (i.e., biometric data)
  • Competitive pricing

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