Your Path to FICAM

By John Piccininni

In 2004, then President George W. Bush penned HSPD-12, a seven-paragraph, two-page document that set in motion a government-wide effort towards a standardized set of technologies and process for secure identification and identity authentication of government employees and authorization of physical and logical access.

Almost 14 years later, compliance with what is now called FICAM is mandated by OMB for all agencies of the federal executive branch, and physical access control solutions that are approved and listed are available. In this era of tight government budgets, first generation solutions tended to be expensive, difficult to install and use, and slow to grant access at the doors, all of which impeded deployments. As a premier provider of physical access control solutions to government, we knew there was a better way.

Identiv’s Hirsch Government FICAM Solution has changed all of that, with a solution that is easy to deploy, features fewer components to install, leverages much of the installed infrastructure, and costs several times less than competing solutions. Response time at doors is the fastest in the industry, speeding access through doors, gates, and other portals.

If you are a Hirsch customer today, you can reuse most of your existing infrastructure — wiring, door hardware, and controllers, following our tradition of sustainability and backward and forward compatibility. The software is a simple upgrade to the Hirsch Velocity Software, so operators will continue to use the same interface they know. And since all components come from Hirsch, you know the system will be secure, reliable, and feature rich.

The Hirsch FICAM solution architecture is so efficient that it can be less expensive to replace a different brand with a new Hirsch system than to upgrade the other.

You know you need to comply. Now you have a path to migrate that is easy to deploy, easy to use, and easy on budgets. You can even migrate in stages, aligning deployment with available budgets over time. Reach out to your Hirsch Sales Representative, or to your Hirsch systems integrator, to start down your path to FICAM compliance.