Identiv’s Award-Winning, High-Security Access Control Is Now Available in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, and Ukraine

Hirsch Government-Grade and Cisco-Integrated Physical Security Receives EAC and UkrSEPRO Certifications

FREMONT, Calif., October 9, 2017Identiv, Inc. (NASDAQ: INVE) today announced that integral components of the company’s award-winning, high-security access control portfolio — Hirsch Mx-4 and Mx-8 Controllers, Relay Expansion Board with 8 Inputs (REB8), and Alarm Expansion Board with 8 Inputs (AEB8) — have received EurAsian Conformity (EAC) and UkrSEPRO certifications. With this global expansion, Identiv and its Hirsch and Cisco partners are now approved to sell and ship the high-security physical access control products to EAC member countries, including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, as well as Ukraine.

Hirsch Mx-4 and Mx-8 Controllers are four and eight-door models of the innovative Hirsch Mx Controller line. Award-winning, multi-door Mx provides a wide range of features for enterprise-scale solutions encompassing large buildings, campuses, and multi-campus facilities. The modular design and scalable architecture enable an installation to start small and grow large, from a single controller system to a larger, multi-site enterprise. Mx is the core of Identiv’s physical access control system (PACS) portfolio. It is fully firmware, function, and communication protocol compatible to the complete Hirsch family of products.

An expansion board for the Mx line, AEB8 adds eight additional high security alarm inputs, allowing the Mx to monitor devices like motion sensors and duress buttons. The REB8 adds eight additional 2 Amp Form C relays to control access to specific floors, individual racks in a datacenter, drug cabinets in a pharmacy, or weapons storage lockers at a military armory. Each controller supports up to five boards. Users can choose to connect an Mx Controller to either Identiv’s government-grade Hirsch Velocity Software or Identiv Connected Physical Access Manager (ICPAM). Identiv’s Hirsch Velocity Software is an integrated platform that manages access control and security operations in thousands of different facilities, from single high secure rooms to multi-building, multi-location campuses, meeting the most stringent security compliance requirements. ICPAM is a software platform developed to utilize Cisco’s industry-leading IP networking technology to connect and manage Identiv’s feature-rich Hirsch physical access hardware, sold and supported by Cisco and Cisco channel partners.

“Customers around the globe depend on Identiv to provide the most reliable, cost-effective, simplest to install physical security systems in the world,” said Edward MacBeth, Identiv VP Global Sales. “We help protect museums, jails, federal facilities, airports — anywhere that needs a complete, secure, easy-to-maintain system. As part of Identiv’s commitment to a global presence, we are pleased to announce that our Hirsch Mx-4 and Mx-8 Controllers, REB8, and AEB8 have received EAC and UkrSEPRO certifications. These certifications of product quality and safety now allow Identiv’s Hirsch and Cisco partners in these regions to provide their customers with these integral components of our high-security physical access control portfolio. It is our goal to make affordable, award-winning access control universally available.”

A global standard for over three decades, Identiv’s government-grade Hirsch portfolio is robust, extremely reliable, feature rich, and while designed and developed with the most secure facilities in mind, is priced to install anywhere. Identiv’s complete line of Hirsch physical access products and solutions can be reviewed at

Designed from the ground up to be optimized for network architectures, ICPAM easily integrates with the Cisco application ecosystem. For more information about integrating Cisco network access management applications with Identiv’s Hirsch hardware, visit

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