Identiv Leverages iOS 11 to Bring the Endless Possibilities of NFC to Everyone

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FREMONT, Calif., October 12, 2017 Identiv, Inc. (NASDAQ: INVE) today announced the company’s first NFC Tag Starter Kit, in partnership with NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ:NXPI). In order to bring the power of near field communication (NFC) to everyone, the kit includes 25 NFC tags with NXP Semiconductor’s NFC Forum Type 2/4/5 NTAG® and ICODE® tag ICs. Supporting a wide variety of features and security levels for different application requirements, all tags are equally compatible with Android® and Apple® iOS 11 devices, including tablets and mobile phones. With Identiv’s NFC Starter Kit, the user does not need to be an application developer, or even familiar with NFC — anyone can pick up the kit, use the tags, and discover the endless possibilities.

Designed by Identiv and NXP, Identiv’s NFC Tag Starter Kit enables anyone to use NFC technology to create apps that allow mobile phone and device interaction, protect brands and businesses, or improve authentication and supply chain management. By enhancing physical products with digital NFC and Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities, products become smarter, driving more value for consumers and businesses. NFC apps are multifaceted and include direct consumer engagement, secure product protection, seamless product traceability, ambient condition sensing, and device-to-device interaction. NFC offers consumers real-time services and experiences, while product manufacturers benefit from incremental sales and enhanced brand loyalty.

“With the growth in connected IoT consumer products, organizations are seeking real-time, simpler, yet trusted and secure methods to protect consumers and brands,” said Alexander Rensink, NXP Business Segment Manager, Secure Identification Solutions. “Identiv’s NFC Tag Starter Kit brings the power of NFC to app developers now and opens up an array of new possibilities for solution developers in the future.”

Identiv’s NFC Tag Starter Kit includes NXP NTAG 210µ (barcode replacement and fast-moving consumer goods), NXP NTAG 216 (consumer interaction and brand protection), NXP NTAG 213 Tag Tamper (product integrity and authenticity and status awareness), NXP NTAG 413 DNA (advanced anti-counterfeiting, exclusive, tap-unique user experiences, document authentication, and verified physical presence), and NXP ICODE SLIX 2 (device identification and supply chain management).

“Now that Apple iOS devices support NFC, the possibilities for consumers and developers are endless,” said Stephane Ardiley, Identiv Director of Product Management. “Identiv is excited to partner with NXP to offer our NFC Tag Starter Kit to the creative minds that will revolutionize the connected IoT and give the masses the tools to discover NFC technology on their own. With NFC, products are smarter, more interactive, and more traceable — they can talk to each other and to smart devices — which means a more trustworthy world for consumers, creators, brands, and businesses.”

Identiv is a leading supplier of NFC solutions and has delivered over 700 million tags to date. Available in different form factors, including labels (printed or not), dry inlays, wet inlays (with backing adhesive), and paper tickets, Identiv’s tags are uniquely positioned to deliver radio frequency identification (RFID) connectivity to any object in the IoT market. With NFC technology now also supported by the latest generation of Apple iOS 11-enabled devices, Identiv can deliver high-performance NFC inlays and tags for a vast variety of NFC applications, encompassing consumer electronics, smart home, food and beverage supply chain management, fashion, retail, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, gaming, and toy industry use cases.

Identiv’s NFC Tag Starter Kits are also available with an optional Identiv contactless smart card reader, uTrust 3700 F. When connected to a Mac or PC, the reader can use the NXP TagXplorer app to reprogram tags. To order Identiv’s NFC Tag Starter Kit, visit For questions regarding tags, device compatibility, or app installations on Android or Apple iOS devices, contact Identiv at

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