Identiv Launches State-of-the-Art Tamper-Proof RFID Labels for Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection

Innovative, Cost-Effective Addition to Identiv’s RFID, NFC, and Inlay Portfolio Combats $600 Billion Counterfeit Goods Market and Addresses Evolving Security Needs of the Retail, Transportation, and Pharmaceutical Industry

FREMONT, Calif., July 30, 2018Identiv, Inc. (Nasdaq: INVE) today announced the latest addition to its radio-frequency identification (RFID), near-field communication (NFC), and inlay portfolio, the next-generation Tamper-Proof RFID Label. The advanced label is compatible with any NFC inlay.

Identiv’s Tamper-Proof RFID Label integrates a state-of-the-art aluminum-etched antenna and an innovative, tamper-proof release coating. The antenna bridge is guaranteed to destruct after the label is torn from any applied surface, including glass, paper, plastic, and other non-metal environments. The cost-effective design renders it impossible to tear off the complete antenna or label; once torn from an adhered surface, the label is no longer functional and cannot be reassembled. The destructive label is ideal for uses cases in which the end-user needs to ensure an asset is genuine — once removed, the label cannot be reapplied to a new, non-authentic product.

The International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (IACC) estimates that counterfeit goods equate for nearly 5 – 7% of world trade, approximately $600 billion. In a report released this year, P&S Market Research values the global anti-counterfeit packaging market at $114.4 billion in 2017 and projects $208.4 billion by 2023. Identiv’s new Tamper-Proof RFID Labels address the security needs for anti-counterfeiting and brand-protection in the retail, transportation, and pharmaceutical industry, designed for simple use on wine and spirit bottles, pharmaceuticals, and any item in transport that requires broken-seal detection or tamper prevention. The labels can be personalized with custom artwork, different sizes, or chip combinations, providing different security levels. Additionally, each label can be delivered with variable data, including a barcode, numbering, or an end-user’s name.

As a generic design, the secure labels work with most of Identiv’s antenna sizes. The first available version is delivered with a die cut of 38 x 18 mm and either an NXP NTAG or NXP iCODE SLIX chip. Other chips and antennas are available to meet various customer requirements.

“With the addition of this tamper-proof design, our tag portfolio grows to provide even more innovative RFID solutions for a variety of applications,” said Stephane Ardiley, Identiv Director of Product Management, Credentials and Transponders. “Beyond the traditional physical/visual security of anti-counterfeiting hologram tags, we’ve incorporated RFID technology to deliver a more secure, advanced inlay solution. Identiv’s Tamper-Proof RFID Label brings peace of mind to our customers through an affordable, guaranteed destructible inlay solution.”

The Identiv team is expert in designing and manufacturing high-frequency (HF) and ultra high-frequency (UHF) transponders for embedded use in everyday objects, like medical devices, books, toys, athletic apparel, perishable food items, and pharmaceuticals. Transponder form factors include dry inlays, wet inlays, labels, and tickets. Identiv’s RFID, NFC, and inlay portfolio delivers smart identities and security to the Internet of Things (IoT). The new Tamper-Proof RFID Label joins the Identv’s selection of cutting-edge, customizable RFID Labels, including RFID Tag on Metal (TOM®) Labels, and Giant NFC Labels, and complements Identiv’s Tamper-Detection Tags.

Identiv’s Tamper-Proof RFID Labels are available now. To learn more, call +1 888-809-8880, contact, or visit


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