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The Top Ten Reasons Identiv Smart Card Readers Are the International Gold Standard

By the Identiv SCR Team

It shouldn’t surprise you that Identiv’s smart card-based products and solutions are utilized around the world to enable security and identification, transaction, e-health, and e-government applications. In fact, our world-class smart card readers are the gold standard for international governments.

Learn why…

  1. Identiv adheres to industry standards, including ISO 7816, PC/SC, and USB CCID.
  2. Identiv has been supplying smart card reader solutions globally — including projects in Europe and Asia — and to the DoD and federal government since the inception of HSPD-12.
  3. Identiv is a U.S. company based in California. Smart card readers are manufactured in TAA-compliant nations.
  4. With vast OEM capabilities, Identiv offers the largest form factor portfolio of modules and desktop smart card readers of any company in this space.
  5. Identiv is the trusted brand for smart card reader technology and the company’s contactless expertise is considered the best in the industry.
  6. Identiv’s smart card reader division is a dedicated business unit, not an offshoot of another division.
  7. Identiv’s smart card readers have faster throughput as compared to competitive offerings (in some cases, 50% faster).
  8. Identiv has expertise in custom board layout, antenna design and tuning, firmware development, and driver development. Identiv can customize readers with logos and different color plastics, cable lengths, and connectors.
  9. Dedicated engineers keep drivers and firmware consistently up-to-date and Identiv has IP around firmware and OS.
  10. Identiv is the only smart card reader manufacturer to work with OtterBox’s ruggedized case systems.

There’s more where that came from — take a closer look and get to know all that Identiv’s smart card readers have to offer. And reach out to the team with any questions.