The Video Brains and Brawns for Your Premises

The Top Ten Reasons to Choose Identiv’s 3VR Video and Data Analytics

By the Identiv 3VR Team

It’s true. The addition of 3VR’s intelligent video to Identiv’s Hirsch access control enables pervasive yet frictionless premises security and situational awareness.

But let’s break down what that really means…

  1. All about the data ― 3VR was founded to create a next-generation, intelligent video solution to harness the data within a video stream. This searchable, data-driven approach to video enables valuable insights for both security and business with deep, real-time insights into consumer behavior and site operations.
  2. Open platform and analytical insights ― 3VR by Identiv’s video analytics platform is open and extensible to enable a wide variety of analytic providers to power security, loss prevention, and business intelligence. The platform integrates with access control, central stations, a multitude of sensors, POS systems, and ATMs to ensure that relevant metadata is automatically attached to videos.
  3. Supercharged investigations ― With 3VR intelligent search, investigators are able to pinpoint a specific event and automatically create cases in minutes versus spending hours manually scanning through video on competitor video management systems (VMS).
  4. Technology leadership made in America ― Within 3VR’s robust VMS technological platform are 22 registered U.S. patents. 3VR was invented, appliances are manufactured, and technical support personnel are all U.S. based. Identiv is headquartered in California.
  5. Quick responses and low bandwidth utilization ― The platform allows users to locate critical video when time is of the essence and adapts to bandwidth constraints.
  6. Cyber-secure ― When cyber attacks run rampant, financial institutions, government entities, and retailers choose 3VR’s embedded appliances to combat assaults.
  7. Built-in enterprise management ― The platform allows management of multiple installations with comprehensive, seamlessly integrated use case management. 3VR scales to support enterprises with thousands of locations and is able to centrally manage hundreds of thousands of cameras.
  8. Federated architecture ― Using 3VR’s enterprise application, users can centrally manage and operate extensive networks of systems with single sign-on capabilities. ONVIF compliance enables true interoperability and freedom of choice for large-scale, multi-vendor security deployments.
  9. Auto camera discovery ― 3VR automatically scans IP cameras in a network and drastically reduces installation time with click-to-apply camera drivers.
  10. A complete suite ― 3VR offers a complete range of products that includes a VMS, NVR, VCA, and customer insight dashboard, making the solution ideal for all verticals. And 3VR’s user experience is easily customized from simplistic to sophisticated to adapt to any use case.

Is it time to learn more about Identiv’s 3VR solutions? We’ve got you. If you have a question for the team, please drop us a line.