February 2019 Newsletter

The shortest month just might be our busiest. Check out our latest on video surveillance and data analytics, what’s up with our Cisco-integrated security platform, and how you can snag our hot new (incredibly affordable!) NFC inlay.

3VR by Identiv

This Year, Next Year, and Beyond

Have you been wondering what Identiv has been up to since we purchased 3VR last year? Find out what changes we’ve made, our progress, our plan for 2019, and what we’ll be doing with 3VR products in the future.
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To address the needs of our global customer base, we just announced updated performance, reliability, and features of ICPAM 3.3, our enterprise access control system that’s tightly integrated with Cisco’s Connected Safety and Security products. Ready to learn more?
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Identiv Collaborates with NXP to Make IoT Applications Accessible with Ultra-Low-Cost NFC Inlay

Making the IoT Accessible

Identiv’s new ultra-low-cost radio frequency identification (RFID) inlay in collaboration with NXP® Semiconductors N.V uses NXP’s near field communication (NFC) IC NTAG® 210µ — and at an unrivaled price of $0.05 a tag, the Internet of Things (IoT) is more accessible than ever.
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