Financial Times Reports on License Plate Recognition and Interviews Identiv Director of Product Management Jason Spielfogel

Fast-food chains to trial licence plate recognition in drive-throughs

On July 9, 2019, Camilla Hodgson from Financial Times published the article Fast-food chains to trial licence plate recognition in drive-throughs, commenting that the “technology could speed up [the] ordering process and tailor offers to customers”. Jason Spielfogel, Identiv Director of Product Management, was a subject matter expert interviewed for the piece. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Drive-throughs have been a staple of American life since the mid 20th century, but how they work — and how well they know you — is about to change.

Fast-food chains are looking to deploy cameras that recognise licence plates in order to identify customers, personalise digital menus and speed up sales. Coffee chain Starbucks began trialling such a system in Korea last year, with customers who preregistered their cars, but restaurants in the US are now looking to follow suit […]

In 2017, fried chicken chain KFC partnered with Chinese search engine Baidu to develop a facial recognition tool used to predict someone’s order based on their “age and mood”, and recommend a meal.

Although no drive-through chains in the US have yet rolled out LPR at scale, said Mr McCann, “there are a lot of conversations going on.” Jason Spielfogel, director of product management at security company Identiv, and John Chigos, founder of PlateSmart Technologies, also said the number of inquiries from retailers about LPR was growing.

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