Interviews Identiv CEO Steven Humphreys

In June 2019, Steven Humphreys, Identiv CEO, discussed Identiv’s profile and growth drivers in an interview at the LD Micro Invitational conference in Bel Air, California.

During the interview, Mr. Humphreys summarized the recent developments, growth drivers, and target verticals at Identiv, including the company’s industry position as the market moves towards software-defined security:

“Security is becoming much lower cost and much easier to adopt because it is becoming much more software defined. And that is one of the things we are at the leading edge of. Mobile devices, cloud platforms, IP infrastructure, IoT — all of those are technologies we are leveraging, so we can get deep security infrastructure but limited hardware investment,” said Steven Humphreys, Identiv CEO.

LD Micro was founded in 2006 with the sole purpose of being an independent resource in the microcap space. The interview was conducted by, a microcap financial news portal that features news and insights from the microcap and emerging growth financial community.

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