Identiv Introduces Robin R. Braun, Retired U.S. Navy Vice Admiral

The Company’s Newest Board Director Discusses Her Career Leading the U.S. Navy Reserve, the Criticality of Mobile Security, and the Future of Thursby and Identiv in Mobile Cybersecurity Across Defense, Government, and Industry

FREMONT, Calif., August 20, 2019Identiv, Inc.  (NASDAQ: INVE) today announced the release of a video introducing the company’s newest Board Director, Robin R. Braun, a retired Vice Admiral from the U.S. Navy. In the video, Vice Admiral Braun discusses her career background, key goals for mobility and mobile security during her service, what has inspired her to join Identiv, and how she sees the future landscape of cybersecurity evolving. 

Vice Admiral Braun was elected to Identiv’s Board of Directors on May 29, 2019. Braun had served a distinguished 37-year career in the U.S. Navy. With a dispersed workforce and facilities in all 50 states and territories, Braun deployed the Department of Defense’s (DoD) first approved bring-your-own-device (BYOD) technology, delivering secure Common Access Card (CAC) enabled access to services, email, and information. Braun worked directly with Thursby Software (now part of Identiv) to develop Ready-2-Serve (R2S), the U.S. Navy  Reserve’s BYOD mobile application. R2S provides today’s Reserve Force the ability to deliver and receive digital information and access essential services anytime, anywhere, and on any device. R2S has been developed and is maintained by Thursby Software Systems, based on Thursby’s Sub Rosa app.

“We realized that not all of our Reservists had a computer, but everybody had a mobile phone,” said Braun in the video. “Thursby Sub Rosa Software enabled us to deliver a communications platform using BYOD. R2S was a game-changer for our workforce — it made serving so much easier. Mobility is the name of the game in today’s work environment. Any organization, DoD, government, [or] industry, I think, would find a very valuable product in the Thursby Software solution.”

When asked to speculate on the future of the cybersecurity industry, Braun replied: “I definitely see an explosion in RFID technology, video analytics, of course, AI, machine learning, drone[s], and robotics — the industry is changing so rapidly, we need to stay on top of it.”

“Identiv is well-positioned to be the premier provider for full-range physical and identity security solutions,” added Braun. “Identiv is a leader in products that deal with RFID, video analytics, physical security, and identity security solutions. As a Director for Identiv, my aspirations are to, of course, grow the business, to be a trusted advisor to our customers, provide innovative solutions and stay on top of trends, [and to support] a team that is known for providing outstanding customer service and support.”

Braun concluded the interview by reiterating Identiv’s mission and values: “to connect and protect people, places, and things. We have a great line of products [and solutions] — I believe the best in the industry — and so it’s important that we continue to develop and build our team, that we take care of our customers, and that we stay on the leading edge of trends. It’s great to be a part of the Identiv Team.”

“As Identiv continues to expand its mobile security solutions across defense, government, and industry, we are privileged to add retired Vice Admiral Braun to our dynamic team,” said Jim Ousley, Identiv Chairman of the Board. “Her extensive experience in leadership of large government organizations, strategic planning, international relations, and workforce development contributes the insight and expertise required to strengthen the Board and support Identiv in navigating the ever-evolving climate of cybersecurity.”

The complete interview is available on YouTube now. Questions and comments to Robin R. Braun can be directed to To stay in touch with the evolution of Identiv and its award-winning end-to-end security and secure identification solutions, visit, email, or call +1 888-890-8880.


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