Making Security Convenient: Interviews Identiv CEO, Steven Humphreys

By the Identiv Team

Identiv CEO Steven Humphreys was featured on, an online global business information and analysis channel dedicated to giving the business community free access to leadership insights.

“Our vision is that security should be convenient because convenience always trumps security. It’s a fact. People will prop open a door, they’ll do whatever they want. If it’s not convenient, you won’t get security. And what we want to do is actually make higher security more convenient. That’s what we’re trying to accomplish and that’s the mission we’re on… people [will be] safer if it’s super easy to use.” — Steven Humphreys, Identiv CEO

Here is a selection of highlights from the interview:

Traits of a Successful CEO (05:30) 
The balance between vision and focus is crucial for a budding CEO. The best way to make oneself stand out is by developing a robust foundational character and a sense of integrity. Great leaders are admired because of the character they display. In an organization, to become successful, it is essential to listen to customers, add value to them by solving their problems, and act as an ambassador for one’s brand, company, and organization. 

Recurring Revenue (08:37) 
Recurring revenue is the portion of a company’s revenue that is expected to continue in the future. Unlike one-off sales, these revenues are predictable, stable, and can be counted on to occur at regular intervals going forward with a relatively high degree of certainty. It is a pricing strategy that can be used by organizations in cloud-based applications and continuously connected services. 

Trends in Innovation (13:14) 
Innovation management is an umbrella term that involves the innovation process; companies drive innovation through open innovation and co-creation. It is vital to use technology in the right way and have ethics while working with it. Organizations must listen to customers, understand the budget range, make the best use of AI, and adopt techniques that make it secure and safe.

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