SecureID News Highlights Identiv’s uTrust 2920 F Bluetooth Contact Smart Card Reader

On September 11, 2019, SecureID News published the article “Identiv launches contact smart card reader for mobile devices” highlighting Identiv’s new uTrust 2920 F Bluetooth Contact Smart Card Reader. Below is the story:

Getting away from passwords is among the most vital, and best funded, work going on in the digital world, and a new contact smart card reader for mobile devices is here to help. The new Bluetooth device is from physical security and secure identification services provider, Identiv.

Identiv launched uTrust 2920 F, as a Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0-enabled, ISO/IEC7816-compatible contact smart card reader for mobile devices. According to a company statement, “the cable-free smart card reader solution secures mobile access through multiple platforms to web-based email, portals, and collaboration sites authenticated to approved smart cards.” The product conforms to standards set forth in the NIST Special Publication 800-121 Revision 2 Guide to Bluetooth Security.

Identiv said the uTrust 2920 F “can be used with desktop and mobile systems and features an activity LED and rechargeable 800mAh Li-battery.” The new device sells for $99.

Robust use cases for contact smart card reader for mobile devices
The device features two factor authentication, which can serve to eliminate the use of passwords on mobile gear, the company said.

“The new Bluetooth reader has similar use cases as our other contact smart card readers except for you have the benefit of mobility through wireless communication (Bluetooth),” said Brooke Grigsby, director of marketing for Identiv.

“You can wear the reader around your neck and move from workstation to workstation and log in or be logged out when you walk away (depending on the configuration of your network). It supports the PKI functionality of a connected reader – authentication, encryption / decryption, digital signature. Plus it’s a badge holder,” says Grigsby.

You can read the full article on the SecureID News website. Interested in uTrust 2920 F Bluetooth Contact Smart Card Reader? It’s now available for pre-order — just contact or call +1-888-809-8880.

Identiv uTrust 2920 F