Thursby Mobile Security: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

By Luke Lujan

See what our customers are saying about Thursby mobile security solutions…

  • “I received my PKard Reader and it is awesome. It is the best thing since sliced bread!” Matt uses PK7 with lightning connection
  • “It is almost therapeutic when you have questions to get that level of personal support in conjunction with the technical expertise to answer any question with the details to understand the tech behind it. GREAT JOB!!! MANY THANKS FOR THE GREAT SUPPORT OVER THE YEARS! GREAT COMPANY!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!!” Drew uses PK7 with lightning connection
  • “I have been using the PKard mobile reader since 2012 and have been very pleased with the capability and Thursby technical support. The new Sub Rosa App and integrated case are life-changing. Sub Rosa is a great interface and has enabled me to read digitally signed and encrypted mail efficiently on the go!” Katie uses AN03 case reader for Samsung Galaxy S7
  • “WOW! Thanks so much! Thursby by Identiv is awesome! I really appreciate your assistance. Every time I have called Thursby, I have been assisted immediately, with positive outcomes every time. I have never encountered a problem with Thursby, and highly recommend it to all of my military and DoD counterparts.” Marc uses PKard for Mac
  • “As a government employee, I often need access to email while on the road. I’d much rather use my own device. This allows me the ability to use my own device while accessing my email. I’ve been a long time user. They are quick to implement new features, respond to feedback, and fix issues when they arise. Customer service is among the best I’ve seen.” Sub Rosa App Store Review
  • “You offer an amazing product for Mac users and your customer support is a role model for other companies to imitate.” Robert uses PKard for Mac
  • “I’m active duty military and a huge fan of your Thursby CAC readers. I use them almost daily with my iPad, iPhone and Sub Rosa. Keep up the great products!” Nate uses PK7 with lightning connection
  • “Best thing ever. Wish I would have known about these sooner!” Tim uses PK7 with lightning connection
  • “We’ve been using your readers for about a year and absolutely love them!! We’ve been spreading the word to anyone who will listen.” Joshua uses PKard Readers on both iOS and Android
  • “I have one of your lightning CAC readers and love it. Showed it around at work and apparently now they’re buying them for everyone!” M.J. uses PK7 with lightning connection
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