Keeping Data (and Remote Employees) Safe and Secure

As more and more companies require employees to work remotely due to coronavirus COVID-19, we’re seeing an influx of smart card reader and token orders.

Let us help you keep your staff safe.

Here are Identiv’s top choices for secure network log-in while working from home:

uTrust Token Pro Mini Type A
Smallest form factor, strong PKI, Java Card™ technology

uTrust Token Pro Mini Type C
USB C, can feature user branding and applets

uTrust 2700R Contact
Supports all PC operating systems and cards ICs

3310v2.0 USB
Ultra-compact, CAC and PIV-approved, available in USB C

uTrust 4701 F Dual Interface
Combines contact, contactless, and NFC tech

uTrust SmartFold SCR3500 A
USB A, ultra-compact, CAC and PIV-approved

We have the tools to help keep work flowing while ensuring everyone’s data (and health!) stays safe and secure.

Any questions? Reach out to +1 888.809.8880 or And learn more about Identiv’s complete portfolio of smart identity devices at