Top 5 Reasons You Need Hirsch Velocity Cirrus: The Industry’s Most Reliable Cloud-Based ACaaS Solution

Hirsch Velocity Cirrus

New Hirsch Velocity Cirrus, a cloud-based Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) solution for Identiv’s award-winning Hirsch physical access control system (PACS) platform, allows users to control, manage, maintain, and update their solution via a fast, simple-to-navigate web user interface.

  1. Cloud-Based Access
    Users no longer need to manage local software or server hardware
  2. True Portability
    Offers benefits of high-availability, infinite-scalability cybersecurity technology
  3. Future-Proof
    Lower costs, lower maintenance, and the assurance of always having the latest version
  4. Advanced Features
    Government-grade connectivity between hardware and server, A/B and two-person rules, and anti-passback
  5. Award-Winning
    Providing the highest levels of security at a reasonable price point, won BUILDINGS’ 2020 Money-Saving Products Award

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