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Security Magazine: The Future of ID Management in Healthcare

By Brooke Grigsby Read the original article via Security Magazine. Hospitals are where people go to seek treatment, recover, and address critical injuries. It is the place where doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers devote themselves to helping people who need medical attention. In addition to this critical focus, a hospital also has to protect […]

Securing a Healthcare Facility: An Integrators’ Guide

From access control to information privacy, hospital environments present challenges and opportunities By Jason Spielfogel Read the original article via SP&T News. The healthcare market has a range of specific physical security requirements that make providing complete protection to hospitals challenging. Pharmacies and pharmaceutical storage areas need to remain secure against unauthorized personnel with systems […]

CEORoadshow: Interview with Steven Humphreys, Identiv CEO

February 24, 2020 In a February 24, 2020 episode, CEORoadshow interviewed Steven Humphreys, Identiv CEO. Mr. Humpreys discussed the massive transformation occurring in the security industry, and the movement to digitize physical access and integrate it with video management systems and surveillance. This shift means that cybersecurity is becoming even more intertwined with physical security, […]

ISJ: How Intelligent VMS Can Modernise Your Security Operations

In the February issue of International Security Journal, Jason Spielfogel, Director, Product Manager at Identiv, examines the benefits that intelligent VMS can bring to your business. “An intelligent VMS platform can go wherever you go, providing the ability to view both live and stored video.” Read the full article on internationalsecurityjournal.com.

Locksmith Ledger International: The Key to Understanding Healthcare Access

Hospital employees depend on identity management and access control systems that are easy to use, fast, and reliable. On February 3, 2020, Identiv’s Director of Product Management, Jason Spielfogel, contributed to Locksmith Ledger International’s article, The Key to Understanding Healthcare Access. Here’s an excerpt: The goal, whether through physical locking mechanisms or electronic access control, […]

Xaasjournal.com: Smarter Security for a Safer Healthcare Environment

On January 21, 2020, Brett Curtis, Identiv Healthcare Integrator Partner, was featured on xaasjournal.com. Brett suggests five key impact points that must be improved for security systems to create a smarter, safer healthcare environment: Interoperability Masscoms Collaboration Real-Time, Crowd-Sourced Data Actionable Data/Situational Intelligence Read the full article on xaasjournal.com.