Identiv + Taglio’s Free Hybrid Access Test Kit

Simplify card management and increase user convenience with hybrid access plus PKI.

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We’re bundling Taglio’s PIVKey C70-CP card with Identiv’s SCR3310V2 Contact Smart Card Reader.
What are you waiting for?

Powered by Identiv, Taglio’s new PIVKey C70 series smart card combines physical and logical access plus PKI in one card and works out-of-the-box with Windows Certificate Authority. PIVKey C70 offers true two-factor authentication — something you have (credential) with something you know (PIN).

  • Get converged access with 125 kHz proximity
  • Simplify card and password management
  • Benefit from smart card log-on and two-factor authentication
  • Protect IP and data, authenticate users, and add network security
  • Decrease costs

Identiv + Taglio Hybrid Test Kit