Integrated Security Solutions

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Identiv takes flight.

Our security solutions enable terminals and airlines to provide their customers safety and reliability through integrated access control, from complete ID and visitor management to automated FAA and TSA NO-FLY List integration.

Identiv creates government-grade integrated access security solutions with more than thirty years of experience and features packed into one set of great products.

“Since its first installation 15 years ago, [Identiv’s] Hirsch access control system has grown with the airport and met our evolving security and performance needs. The Green Build further increases our capacity, but also raises the number of personnel supporting our passengers and airlines. In any airport, safety is a high priority and entry points are a critical area of vulnerability. Our expanded access control system provides the integrated control and visibility we need to ensure the security of our facility and the people in it.”

- Clint Welch, Aviation Security Manager, San Diego International Airport


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